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Separating the eggs is not necessary but as I said, I believe the smaller the environment the easier it is for them to find their food. They will eat newly hatched brine shrimp and microbes grown in infusoria and green water. Get the green water started long before you plan to start raising the babies as it takes the microbes awhile to get large enough to be any good for the fry to eat. Also use liquifry #1 for egg layers as soon as the eggs are lain. When the fry are about two inches long, if you get any to live that long, you can begin supplementing with baby guppies or other small fry, live brine shrimp, live daphnia and small meal worms. Do not discontinue the liquifry #1 or any of the other foods, just in case you miscalculated or they dont know how to catch their food yet.

Be prepared to have many fry die for various reasons. Even getting one to live to be a decent size, it may die from swallowing food too large for it. Do not get discouraged. it takes awhile and many loses but once you get a few to live you will have succeded where many have failed..

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